22 Main St E, Kingsville, ON N9Y 1A2

The town of Kingsville.

Welcome to Kingsville, Ontario – Canada’s southern superstar! Tucked into Lake Erie’s scenic shore, our town’s vibes guarantee a solid time. No frostbite here, just endless mild weather and a never-ending growin’ season, attracting retirees and nature buffs alike.

Rollin’ down Main Street, you’re in for a history trip. Sippin’ on those insta-worthy bubblies from our world-famous breweries and wineries? And don’t get me started on OV. It’s like sippin’ nostalgia. And consider this – we’re your launchpad to Pelee Island and Sandusky, Ohio. Time to make some memories, fam.

Oh ya… we’re just 25 from the Windsor/Detroit Border – prime access to world class city vibes. Catch flights from Detroit Metro or Windsor airports, no sweat. Get ready to be charmed by the cozy vibes, fam. Kingsville’s all about that small-town warmth, like a group hug from your ride-or-die crew. Pull up a seat at Vernon’s Tap and Grill, where Kingsville’s flavors are on fire, and you’re right in the heart of the southern buzz. Looking forward to seeing you!

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Vernon's Tap & Grill

22 Main St E, Kingsville, ON N9Y 1A2, Canada